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April's newsletter II - How I met my husband, or why I believe in numerology + Guarantee of meeting someone


1. I will share a dating experience with you. After a long break without a boyfriend, which was caused by work abroad, at the age of thirty I again tried to establish a new relationship. I tried it by the classic trial and error method, but I could not find the right partner. Relationships didn’t last for a long time. After the third unsuccessful relationship, during the long and not happy 5 years when my partner lied and cheated on me, I said to myself I'm done with dating. I would wait for a miracle. But after some time I couldn’t help myself so I added my advertisement. At that time, I knew numerology, but so far I had not considered it to be important. For me it was more fun than a serious basis for future decision-making. In the ad I entered conditions of exact date of birth of my future partner. I started from numerology and the mentioned date was favourable for me. I received many offers but I chose two men according to the numbers, with whom I arranged to meet. The second man is my current husband. The fateful numbers of his birth were really reliable. A month after we met we became closer and started to plan a common way of life. After another month, we started to live together, and one month later we bought a house. It would seem that it is a rapid development of our relationship, but for us it was natural. Everything went smoothly and without problems. Today we are happy and have a son. We just live as a happy family.

You can also minimize the number of meetings you need if you understand the importance of positive numbers. At our dating agency these numbers represent the percentage of mutual compatibility. You do not have to waste your time by using the trial and error method. Our Dating Agency calculates the percentage of the overall compatibility of potential partners and creates pairs that fit together more than 50%. It significantly speeds up the process of dating and gives a good idea for selecting suitable partners.

Read my story on my blog and you will see why I believe our computational system based on numerology, astrology and the Tarot.

2. We believe our method of mathematical calculation for meeting someone so much that we decided to make a guarantee. We have compiled a 'Guarantee of meeting someone'. This means that if you adhere to all of our recommendations for meeting someone or 20 tips on how to quickly and efficiently meet somebody at the Dating Agency, and you fail to establish a meaningful relationship, we extend the validity period of the Premium Dating Agency account for the next three months.

3. We notify all our users, who signed up more than one year ago and who have not been active at all during a whole year that we will automatically delete their profiles. We do this because we want to save unnecessary work for other active users who are trying to write to them, but receiving no response. 

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