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Counseling, energy work, healing

From time to time, anyone can get into a difficult situation that they have not experienced before and this fact can surprise them. You try to use your experience, but sometimes you are not able to do it yourself. You can be confused not only by personal relations where you don´t understand the behaviour of your partner. You try to understand, but you don´t understand their irrationality. There can be a difficult situation, for example at work, and you don´t know what to do, but you want to solve it. From the outside you don´t acknowledge it, but you feel that you need  help. You are suffering from stress and don´t know how to get out. You can use our consultations or Ayurvedic anti-stress techniques. We will be happy to help you.

We offer these types of consultations and advice

  • Therapeutic consultation (price 890 CZK / 50 min).
  • Ayurvedic anti-stress techniques (price 3990 CZK for a lesson)
  • V.I.P. Service (price on request:

Practical information

  • Therapeutic consultation, ayurvedic anti-stress techniques and V.I.P. Service can be provided via Internet via Skype.
  • Consultation must be prepaid to our account before we provide the service.
  • Generous offer - for the most socially disadvantaged, we offer once a month free instruction in Ayurvedic anti-stress techniques for one person and a free hour of consultation for one person.

Tea Heřmánková