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V.I.P. Service

This is a private service with the maximum degree of discretion for selecting a partner. It is a private and discreet Dating Agency. Besides numerological analysis we include in the personal analysis or horoscope your other characteristics that will significantly increase your chances of finding a suitable partner.

What is V.I.P. Service

  • Personal interview - 30 minutes (we determine what are you like, what is important for you in your life, what your expectations are and what your ideas about your future partner are. This is related to real needs, not dreams)
  • Personal numerological analysis - 30 minutes

With our V.I.P. Service you receive the recommendation of an appropriate date for meeting somebody based on numerology. Some periods are thus fundamentally inappropriate for meeting somebody. We know from experience that in such a case, relationships with high probability do not last long.

With our V.I.P. Service you receive a comparison of whether the partners also fit together visually – we compare faces and figures.

With our V.I.P. Service you receive from us five contacts for partners within a year who have the highest degree of suitability to make your relationship work for a long time. Our Dating Agency is effective, but a lot also depends on you. Do not rush with this service, we thus believe that quality is better than quantity, and our goal is long-term working relationships. A good choice takes time. But we believe it is worth it.

IInformation on the price for V.I.P. Service is available via e-mail: The price reflects the demands of the service and the specific requirements of the client.

Practical information

  • Price for V.I.P. Service (via the e-mail:
  • Please, make an appointment here:
  • Instruction is also possible in English
  • Consultations are held in a house on the eastern outskirts of Prague; in the case of interest of the client, instruction is possible via Skype.

Tea Heřmánková