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My personal experience with Ayurvedic remedial stay in Sri Lanka

The offer of remedial therapies, which we offer on our website, may be confusing for someone by its exotic name. We explain the origin of such treatment for exampleThe range of remedial therapies that we offer on our website may confuse people because of its exotic name. We explain the origins of such treatment for example here or here, but I also want to share my personal experience with you.

I have gone through several remedial treatments in Sri Lanka, Germany, Thailand, and also Bohemia. I have also visited other Ayurvedic centers where they practice the principles of Ayurvedic treatments and meals. And it was not just for entertainment or interest as a tourist. In the past I had had many health problems and other problems that come from being overworked, high stress levels, prenatal time and having a child, and generally they are a reflection of our hasty and often unhealthy lifestyles.

During remedial therapy I experienced great relief, I was perfectly rested both physically and mentally compared to other types of holidays. I got rid of the problems that plagued me, while many Western doctors had told me the only solution was surgery or medication. However, that did not remove the problems, it only postponed them. None of this was ultimately needed. Procedures have a huge impact on cleansing the entire organism and obviously it cannot be completely described by the current knowledge used in Western medicine. But it is a fact. Have you ever been told by a doctor that, for example haemorrhoids can be cured only by surgery, which is painful and more expensive? You will be surprised, but in three weeks at a well-selected, remedial Ayurvedic stay you can get rid of these long-term problems with haemorrhoids just by eating a special salad of the seven kinds of carefully selected herbs. Does it sound like a fairy tale? It's true. In addition to this, you will suddenly look a few years younger even without working out at the gym or undergoing any rejuvenating chemical treatments such as Botox, etc.

Part of remedial treatments is having an extremely well-balanced diet, so for those who want to lose weight this is the perfect opportunity. On the other hand, whoever is thin and suffers from it, an Ayurvedic diet will help them to get into balance and obtain the necessary energy. And it also helps to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol. They will adjust themselves during a remedial stay. It is energy that is the key to recovery. It is the engine of all changes in the body and it strengthens your mind. An Ayurvedic remedial stay will give you extra energy that will last several years. I have personally visited all of the places where we offer stays on our website, and tried them out. I can really recommend them. I have only visited dozens of others to find out their pros and cons. But since I have not fully tried them myself, I do not offer them. In the near future you will see on our website more offers of these Ayurvedic remedial stays that I have personally tried and can recommend. I have studied Ayurveda for five years and I keep finding in it new and fresh impetus that can only benefit the body. I always undergo the cleansing procedure after a few years because it helps me.

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