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Love and relationship horoscopes (Analysis) - illustration

There is an example of our Partner Ellascope (analysis) below. By another clicking on underlined name of another type of Ellascope you can see examples of other types of Relationship Ellascopes (Analysis) that we offer and cast.:
Partner Ellascope / Homosexual Ellascope / Friendship Ellascope / Employment Ellascope / Parental Ellascope

The comparison of the relationship

Older sister or brother: 10.02.1975 vs. Younger sister or brother: 03.06.1981
Siblings Ellascopes
79% ( The overall result)
Although siblings are not without faults in this case, it is still a very nice relationship which everybody can envy you. With a little effort would there should not be bigger long-term problems.

Detailed analysis of the relationship

(Individual Ellascopes - analyzes can be contradictory, for the relationship the overall result is important )

100% Zodiak signs: + morepodrobnosti
25% Chinese signs: + morepodrobnosti
100% Kigaku element: + morepodrobnosti
100% Tarot gate: + morepodrobnosti
70% Number of lives (rather understand the level of experience of your soul): + morepodrobnosti

Personal analysis of compared people

Older sister or brother: 10.02.1975 personal analysis of the first entered person

Zodiak signs: Aquarius + morepodrobnosti
Chinese signs: Tiger + morepodrobnosti
Kigaku element: coloured metal + morepodrobnosti
Tarot gate: Cleansing souls + morepodrobnosti
Number of lives (rather understand the level of experience of your soul): 16 + morepodrobnosti

Younger sister or brother: 03.06.1981 personal analysis of the second entered person

Zodiak signs: Gemini + morepodrobnosti
Chinese signs: Phoenix + morepodrobnosti
Kigaku element: water + morepodrobnosti
Tarot gate: Wisdom + morepodrobnosti
Number of lives (rather understand the level of experience of your soul): 9 + morepodrobnosti

The result of the comparison of your relationship shows how much is human nature complicated and sometimes contradictory. Other life situation can affect your relationship and also change the mutual polarity. Outwardly favourable characteristics can bring, in combination with your characteristics, different result. Although folk saying says that opposites attract, but as you will see, it is not always advantageous for the relationship. Our analysis of the relationship is trying to capture the diversity of personality traits and their mutual interaction. In the evaluation we use the knowledge of numerology and astrology.
Number of lives are mainly based on the ideas of Ancient and Indian thinkers who have dealt with the essence of life and believed in reincarnation. According to this theory, the soul, and thus the person are constantly improving and this process never ends.
The theory of Tarot symbols and their connection with human destiny was elaborated by thinkers in the 18th century, but it probably comes from ancient Egypt. Tarot gateways or also portals help to understand human development and his mental maturation.
The elements of Kigaku are a Japanese science several thousand years old, based on the knowledge of natural laws and principles of energy. Western zodiac signs and Chinese signs characterize human nature based on dates of birth and year of birth.