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The guests relish the remedial stay in Sri Lanka by the sea. They are also tempted by an exotic cuisine.

exotická kuchyně

People who have already undergone a remedial stay in this family remedial hotel in Sri Lanka appreciate its extraordinary effects. “We have been seeking such relaxation and tranquility for a long time. We enjoyed the procedures, which gave us strength and energy. We were pleasantly surprised by Ayurvedic cuisine too”, Monika and Hugo from Germany remember. For Ayurveda therapists this is nothing new. Ayurveda is not just a cure for a disease or malady itself, but it affects the entire body and human mental system. That is how it restores balance.

February 9, 2014 Food inspired me, but where can I get it at home?

I had various long-term intestinal problems, but after a remedial stay they disappeared. I have used different medications before, but it always helped just for a while. Now I feel really good, but I do not know how long it will last. Maybe it was improved through the diet, which was excellent and completely different to what I'm used to at home. I was a little worried because I do not like changes, but now I'm excited. And the body care was excellent. I do not know the theories of internal energy, but I feel that I got some here. I would like to continue changing my eating habits, but I don't know where I can buy such food at home.


January 30, 2013 I think it works

My wife and I spent a great week in Sri Lanka and I was satisfied. I myself had no health problems, but my wife has complained of chronic fatigue for a long time. Doctors had said that it was from being overworked. After the stay she says she feels reborn. I think it works. I especially liked the massage and herbal steam bath. But what impressed me most is the actual location on the seashore. I love the sea air and the beautiful environment helps too. I recommend it.


January 20, 2013 I became fond of this country

I would like to thank you after returning from holiday in Sri Lanka. The stay at a family remedial hotel in Wadduva fulfilled its purpose. I got what I expected. Although the weather was not nice (only two of the days there were sunny), in the end I did not mind. The procedures suit me, the homemade food was great, and most importantly there was peace and quiet. The first three days I had a small room with no windows, which I was not excited about, but after moving to a room with a balcony I calmed down. I went through a phase of cleansing the body, which was not very pleasant for me, but the second phase (the recovery) has been good. My body and soul grew stronger, I was in a good mood. I also had time to explore the surroundings. I saw the sights of Sri Lanka and became fond of this country.


Monika a Hugo z Německa