Dating based on date of birth and Ellaskopes - special Horoscopes

This unique Dating Agency is based on a mathematical method Ella analyzing the dates of birth with the help of numerology, astrology and the Tarot. It is used for selection of pairs that are potentially the best match for each other and have a better chance to build a long-term relationship.
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  • dada
  • Mára B
  • Mara
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  • Merry Fellow
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  • Béda
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  • Mirek

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  • bejbyna
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  • Hexittbek
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  • AWS
  • Mawab
  • marketka291
  • Catharina
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Let’s ask ourselves, does our Dating agency brings you happiness, does our Dating agency brings you the spark? YES! Due to precise calculations of our Ella method your relationship will be full of sparks and happiness.