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How to treat wasp or bee stings

Few people know how to effectively help prevent swelling after bee and wasp stings. This advice also applies to people with allergies, it has been tried out for a long time. Many people have already been surprised how reliably it works.

When a wasp or bee stings you, try to pull the stinger out as soon as possible. Then take some soil, it's outside all around you, and spread it on the wound several times. By doing so you prevent unpleasant swelling. I know it's weird, but in the soil there is something that acts as an antidote that neutralises aggressive substances in bee or wasp stings. I was at a cottage with a friend who has a son with a strong allergic reaction to a similar sting. He has to immediately go to hospital after an insect sting. At the cottage a bee stung him, I immediately pulled the stinger out and using soil from the garden I rubbed the wound after the sting. My friend just stared at me. The boy did not have to go anywhere, no allergic reaction appeared. If it had appeared, the boy would have probably suffocated himself because we were in a village without a car. Since then, she has not been afraid of taking her son into the countryside, there is always soil at hand. There is also some at home in a flowerpot.

 Moms in the village were very grateful for this advice and pass it on. Perhaps it helps you too. :)