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Recipe: Tibetan Garlic Drops - Natural elixir of youth!

An ancient Chinese remedy recipe, discovered by UNESCO in 1972 in Tibet on clay plates and has been translated into many languages. It dates back to between 4-5000 years BC.


It cleanses the body from fat calcium deposits, and greatly improves the metabolism, resulting in all vessels of the bloodstream being more elastic, which prevents high blood pressure, heart attacks, stenocardia, sclerosis, formation of various swellings. Headaches and buzzing in the head disappear, eyesight improves. If the treatment is followed perfectly, the human body looks 10 years younger.


Slice 350g of purified garlic using a stainless steel blade, pound it using something wooden in a clay vessel – you can also use a grinding machine. Pour in 200ml of 90% alcohol. Seal and keep in a cold, dark place for 10 days. Afterwards filtrate through a solid piece of cloth, squeeze the rest and put it in a 250ml jar. After another 2-3 days begin the treatment. Take the following exact number of drops. Wash down each dose with milk, always after drinking 50ml of milk, no more.

How to use:
Day       Breakfast          Lunch        Dinner

1.          1 drop              2 drops        3 drops
2.          4 drops            5 drops       6 drops
3.          7 drops            8 drops        9 drops
4.         10 drops           11 drops       12 drops
5.         13 drops           14 drops       15 drops
6.         15 drops           14 drops       13 drops
7.         12 drops           11 drops      10 drops
8.          9 drops             8 drops        7 drops
9.          6 drops            5 drops        4 drops
10.         3 drops            2 drops        1 drop
11.        15 drops           25 drops       25 drops
12.        25 drops           25 drops       25 drops

Then continue by 25 drops twice a day, until the end of the whole amount. Repeat the treatment not sooner than after five years.

Note: In medical terms, this remedy is harmless and cannot cause health disorder. If you have sensitive stomach or you have been diagnosed with gallbladder disease, you should consult your doctor.

Tea Heřmánková