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How I met my husband, or why I believe numerology

When I was about thirty years old, I had no idea that I would establish a successful relationship thanks to numerology. But it happened so. But I should start from the beginning.

In 2001 I returned from a stay in the USA, where I worked as a broker on Wall Street. Because I graduated from business school, it was a great experience for me. However, I was through a big job strain and I virtually had no private life. Before I left, I had a good relationship with my boyfriend. But four years of work abroad and contact mostly by phone caused many changes. I started to look at things differently. According to the U.S. model, I „needed to have a blue-eyed blond guy“ to survive. But today I am just laughing at it. Does it remind you of anything? At that time the work was the most important thing for me and thus our relationship ended. Today I know that it is necessary to take care of every relationship, but back then my ambitions did not correspond with this partnership.

I returned to the Czech Republic with a great work experience, but my emotional life was empty. I was 30 years old, I was quite successful, attractive, but single. Another five years have been disastrous for me. I did not lack the suitors but luck eluded me. During that time I have met three men, but each relationship was probably in advance doomed to extinction. I did not understand it at all. I was in love, but the relationship soon began to collide with our mutual differences and soon fell apart. It was something that I couldn't affect, even if I tried. As if there were some barriers between us in advance, some deeper characteristics that could not be overcome. Our nature resisted it.

I happened to meet the numerologist at that time, and because I have liked the numbers since my childhood, I tried to delve deeper into this field. I was fascinated by how the physicist and mathematician Pythagoras after his studies in Egypt was able to work with the numbers, not only materially, but also in the spiritual and cosmic context, and thus he pointed out the connection of the numbers and people's lives. In particular, we dealt with my complicated family bonds. But then we looked together just out of interest at my last partner relationships. It was really surprising. No man was good for me. Later I worked on the development of a mathematical method, which would take into account numerology, astrology and the Tarot. Under this method, I reached with the previous partners 40 - 60% match. And I winked my eyes at it. In addition, any other people in my surroundings didn't have a higher percentage of compliance than me.

From the beginning I didn't attach great importance to numerology results of relationships. For me it was just fun. But the numbers were right and also telling me some details, which appeared later in the development of the relationship, about new boyfriends. I couldn't often penetrate to a depth of the tales and sometimes the lies, but the numbers eventually proved right. In the same way, we calculated the percentage of mutual suitability with a partner, with whom I broke up during my stay abroad. We really understood each other. The result was a 90% match! But there was nothing to do, my former partner had a new relationship and I did not want to break it. It was for me a great impetus to start believing in the numbers. At the time I collected the dates of birth of various couples who I know and checked the system. It took almost 10 years before I decided to use my method not only in the circle of my friends.

But I trusted it and did not want to just leave everything to chance. I wrote the advertisement, in which I clearly specified the birth of a man and other numerological details. Surprisingly, a lot of men wrote me back. At that time, I also have practiced for at least one year every day Ayurvedic technique for managing the stress which not only comforted me, but also solved my sleep problems which I had for many years. It helped me to raise my personal vibrations, which are necessary for us to have a chance to meet the right partner. Even here, the law of attraction is held. With the vibrations I can „bring“ everything into my life what I long for. It has to do with the natural intuition that is supported by the correct vibrations. According to the numbers I chose two men. One of them is my husband. We match together 84%. With this pre-selection only just two meetings were enough to know he was the right one. If at that time there was some similar Dating Agency such as, I would save a lot of time - for me it means 5 long years of my life, a lot of meetings, money and grief as well. Each breakup hit me because I did not know where the cause is. Today I know.

With a new partner who I chose by the numbers, we understood more and more. We became close in a month, next month we lived together, and other next month we bought the house. In a year and a half from the first contact we had a wedding. With this special numerology that combines numerology, astrology and the Tarot, I could five years after returning home establish a harmonious relationship. We are happy together, even though we do not have so many common interests, as I had with my teenage love. But we are a happy family. We still love and respect each other. And above all – from the start our relationship has been developing very smoothly - we just get along and understand each other!

That is why I founded numerological Dating Agency To pass on everything I have learned. To prevent others from suffering because of meeting people with the use of trial and error method. To help shorten the search time and reduce the number of „required“ meetings to a minimum. I called this method Ella.

I believe in the numbers because they revealed my poor relations, which had no future. But especially they brought me luck. I am convinced that fateful numbers can predict you a good relationship and make meeting new people easier for the people. When you are young, you have plenty of time and the opportunity to meet someone. With increasing age, the opportunities are reduced, but thanks to numerological Dating Agency your chances can significantly be increased. Believe in the numbers, as well as I believe in them.