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January Newsletter - Notifications


Be careful with the email addresses

Be careful with email addresses 
Recently there have been fake users on the website who have a single desire - to get your email address under some pretence and use it for sending fake requests for financial assistance, fraudulent financial projects and various advertising. Our website is another victim of raids by these email “thieves”.
You will usually recognise them because they send emails from abroad using poor Czech, but there are currently also emails and requests coming from our country. Fraudulent emails are sent to thousands of Internet users at a time and under various pretences they are trying to lure you to give them your email.
We will therefore notify you to primarily use the communication system of our portal in communications between users of our website. The communication system of our website under the Mail section allows you to easily send and receive messages and keep a record of them. For mutual understanding and correspondence, our Mail is fully sufficient. Messages that pass through our communication system are also protected against abuse. There is therefore no need to give anyone your email.
Before sending your private email address, make sure that you are giving it to a credible organisation or a trusted person. Email “thieves” either sell your address to other companies or abuse it by themselves.
Do not give email cheats a chance. Protect your privacy!

We disassociate ourselves from sexual services

There are visitors from different dating agencies that attract users to various sexual services, and unusual sexual practices, but sometimes they disguise their true intentions. So be wary of them. Our website strongly disassociates itself from actions with such a focus. Our Dating Agency is solely intended for users who are interested in getting a serious partner or friendly relationships. We monitor the users who offer such services or are interested in them on the website, and if we find them we remove them from the database immediately.

Photos only for selected users

Our team is preparing a new service that will allow everyone who has joined the Dating Agency and inserts their photo onto their profile to show it only to selected users. Photos now are open to anyone interested in dating, but in the future every user will be able to set their own filter.

Your notifications about immoral activities are welcome

If  you consider anything to be suspicious or if you identify activities that are not related to dating, please notify us by email at: We want our website to have the same respectable character as it has since it began, and to be a service for people who are seriously interested in meeting somebody and establishing a friendly relationship. Your help is always welcome. 

There is a new section on the website - Black list, in the News section

Because of fake users and the indiscipline of some people who joined the Dating Agency we are introducing a new section - Black list - where we will publish the suspicious users and their email addresses. If we find out that someone has behaves rudely or crudely or if there is any harassment during communication with lothers, we will cancel their account and profile, even if they paid for the Premium Dating Agency. In such a case they are not entitled to a refund of unused money. You can read the Terms of behavior on the website HERE.

The first sinners of January are:

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  • Baby4love15 -
  • soniyalove01 -
  • star trek -
  • babiovka1 -