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February newsletter and horoscope for February


 1. Did you know that when you choose a potential partner based on photographs at some dating agency you are just taking a shot in the dark again? You have no clue why your relationship should work out well. You cannot know that even based on the first correspondence. When you invite someone to a meeting, it costs you a lot of money, you pay for theatrical or musical performances, for dinner at a restaurant, but you still do not know what chance your relationship has. You're wasting precious time, energy, emotion and lots of money through the trial and error method. We have proved that even different, supposedly scientific tests on various dating sites do not work well after all. But when you get an analysis from us of the potential relationship with a specific percentage of mutual compatibility, we save you lots of time, money and frustration. If you really want to meet somebody, it is worth activating the Premium Dating Agency. For an acceptable price you get a lot of important information that will help you in dating.

2. We expanded features that you get in our Dating Agency for FREE. Compared to other dating agencies it's an extraordinary opportunity for you. You register for free, set up your profile, and insert a photo and your advertisement for free. Then you get a list of users that are compatible with you more than 50%. It is the first important selection of partners that we do for you. You can write to users for free and receive notifications via e-mail when a new suitable partner appears at the Dating Agency. In addition, you can set the filter to select the partner according to your wishes and add an advertisement for free. You pay only for premium features of the Premium Dating Agency, including Horoscopes.

3. We are currently working on a translation of the website into English and German, so soon you'll be able to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend or friends abroad who suit you well. People from all over the world can thus sign up for the Dating Agency and you will enjoy a broader range of potential partners. Today, language is no barrier, and neither are borders. But we have limited resources to other advertising abroad, therefore we welcome any of your help.

4. Horoscope for March. It is the month when we have increasing activity, we go out more, and communicate with more people. Because in March we begin thinking more, it is an appropriate month for business and contracting. It is a good time for solving problems that we have been putting off. You will see that in March a lot of things will appear to be more favourable than in previous months. We are thus more active and can manage things with ease. March is the time when we should also pay more attention to our body and cleansing. For example, detox treatment is a good idea. March is the month when we do inventory in our wardrobes, getting rid of anything unnecessary. Continue with your desk and throw away everything that you never want to deal with. Delete the “dead souls” in your mobile phone, they are people with whom you are not going to meet and who will not bring you anything positive. You even cannot remember some of them - away with them! Then you should make order in your email account. Cleansing of the body includes hygiene. Look into the bathroom to see what you really use and what you have not used for a long time. Throw it away, it is clear that it is not needed. March is an opportunity to get rid of everything unwanted, excess, expired and obsolete. You will breathe and live better.

Regards, Tea Heřmánková