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April's newsletter - a mental hygiene course and Horoscope for April


1. We have prepared for you a Mental hygiene course where you learn to resist stress and negative effects, you will increase your personal vigour and make meeting a potential new “better” partner easier. You will improve your mental condition. A Mental hygiene course will help you, and there is one on May 3, 2013 from 10:00 AM.

The course is intended for “normal” people who have no experience with spiritual practices. But it is useful for the present time, during which we are burdened with various artificial chemicals. With properly selected and practiced mental hygiene you will live better, work better and make better decisions – thus you will work better in general. Mental hygiene or mental health is the science of how to protect and strengthen our mental health and how to increase resistance to a variety of influences. It should teach us how to prevent mental health problems. If you already have such problems, learn how to deal with them. Mental hygiene will help you to increase your personal vigour, which allows you to get a better partner if you are looking for one right now.

Within the Mental hygiene course you will learn, among other things, the Ayurvedic technique for managing stress (the price for individual lessons is 3999 CZK), and other techniques that will help you in your daily life to manage work, family and fun. The price of a half-day course, which also includes the Ayurvedic technique for managing stress, is 1999 CZK. The number of participants is limited to 2-5 people, so book your place in advance at

2. We succeeded in modifying some of the operating procedures, so our Dating Agency now offers more useful services and it is hopefully more user-friendly. If there is a deficiency, we can fix it within 24 hours. In the last few months we have significantly modified the graphics, website structure and some texts, so there may be a mistake. We try to continuously improve the website so that using it is more intuitive. If you feel that anything is cumbersome or difficult to understand, we would appreciate it if you let us know at

3. Horoscope for April

The month of April is favourable for another cleansing of the body. In this month, make some time for sports, plan long walks to remove accumulated energy from yourself. If you have a partner, do sports together and it would not hurt for you to increase your sexual activity. April is the month that can help us in many ways. This does not preclude the fact that in April we can feel anxiety and fear of the future. So focus more on the present, because the past is already dead. For the future, determine the long-term goals, but mostly you should pay attention to the present. You build a foundation for the future the way that you set the conditions in the present. Today you build a mosaic, along which you'll walk into the future to your destination. April slightly supports naivety, so be careful if signing a contract. Be even more cautious than usual. So for every decision in April re-examine all the arguments before making a final decision. I'm sure it will be worth it. In April we see the world as much prettier, it seems to us to be better than it really is. Continue to work hard on your projects, but rely more on yourselves than on others. In this month, others will appreciate that it was you who gave your project added value. April is partially suitable for travelling, but be careful on the road. Note also the word “I must”. It brings us to the fact that something is necessary, that nothing can be postponed. This word is constantly forcing us to work, but you should also make some time for yourself.

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