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May newsletter and Horoscope for May

Minimise the number of meetings needed with our unique mathematical method based on dates of birth.

Take advantage of our method for meeting someone

Minimise the number of meetings that you need with our unique mathematical method based on dates of birth. Why get to know somebody by trial and error when for a reasonable price you get a tool for making familiarisation easier? Get an overview of the percentage of mutual compatibility with each user of the Dating Agency. If the percentage of mutual compatibility is 80 percent, why bother about meeting other people...wasting time, money, energy and emotion, where the percentage of mutual compatibility is only 40 percent? Activate the Premium Dating Agency and you get the information you need.

20 tips on how to quickly and efficiently meet somebody in the Dating Agency

1. There is no need to register. First, find out how many people of a similar age and the required parameters there are in our database. On the home page, select Find a Partner and enter the required parameters. If you are satisfied with our offer, register for free. You become part of the Dating Agency and you can enjoy other benefits such as viewing and approaching users. It is for free.

2. Sign up.

3. Create your profile in as much detail as possible. You also want to know as much information as possible about a potential partner.

4. Insert your photo. By this you emphasise that you are a serious candidate and do not want to conceal anything. Users without photos have significantly less chance. INSERTING PHOTOS HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER!

5. Insert an advertisement where you write briefly what or who you are looking for and what you offer or who you are.

6. Look carefully at the list of users. It can also be a good lead. At the beginning of the database, there are users who have logged in to the site recently or are currently online. At the end of the database, there are users who have logged on to the site some time ago. However, it is not related to the date of registration. Even those who have been registered for a long time may be at the beginning of the database if they have recently signed in to the website. It is a sign that they visit the website very often.

7. If you become interested in some users you can send them a message. It is all for free.

8. If you want to take advantage of our unique method of selecting users and see the percentage of mutual compatibility, thus minimising the number of meetings needed, activate the Premium Dating Agency. For a reasonable price you get 3-month premium features. This will increase your chances of meeting somebody. We tell you how well you fit together. In addition, you will receive a detailed comparison of potential relationships with selected partners, mutual personal horoscopes - analyses and other useful features. You cannot find it anywhere else.

9. VView detailed profiles of selected users and mutual percentages.

10. Write to at least 30 of them. Write something about yourself and ask for things that you are interested in about each other. Do not rush with personal contact, first collect the relevant information.

11. If a photo is missing in the menu, ask for one. Do not meet without having exchanged photos.

12. If you have found a user who fits you more than 80%, is likeable, you begin to get on with each other and are from an accessible region, suggest a meeting in person with him/her.

13. If the first meeting goes well, suggest another meeting. Choose an environment where you can get to know each other - on walks, during sports or some fun activities.

14. We recommend avoiding sexual relations until you have had 12 meetings. If you rush sex, you can lose the opportunity to develop a spiritual connection. Your relationship may end very soon.

15. If you follow our recommendations, you can see whether you attract each other or not after only three dates.

16. If you meet somebody elsewhere, use our Relationship horoscopes. Based on the dates of birth of both potential partners you get your personal analysis and a personal analysis of the potential partner, as well as the overall percentage of mutual compatibility. Then continue to follow our advice.

17. If you meet several potential partners at the same time, get a detailed numerological analysis and mutual comparison of pairs done. Also rely on your intuition. Our method works 85% effectively. But there are people who can never be satisfied in a relationship. They are not eligible for partnership. It can also be found using a detailed numerological analysis at a personal consultation or using skype. Consult at

18. We are not saying that people whose percentage of mutual compatibility is below 50% cannot be together. It is just less likely. If you are run out of time, use our method, which is effective. A student has much greater choice and enough time conpared to you. He can choose from a bigger "database".

19. If you have experienced several unsuccessful relationships and have problems with yourself, learn the Ayurvedic technique for managing stress. There are group and individual lessons. By increasing personal vigour you will increase the chance of meeting someone.

20. If you take these tips to heart and follow our recommendations, you have a great chance of building a good, long-term relationship. We are the only ones who provide a guarantee of meeting someone. Do not give up!

Horoscope for May

In April, we sent two newsletters, which is why we haven't sent the May newsletter until now. The second half of May is not favourable for weight reduction, cleansing processes or operations. On May 18 and 25 you should fast, your body will thank you for it. May is suitable for planting, fertilising, grafting and everything appropriate in your gardens. May is again one of the faster months. In this month, we can get “gifts”, but also often unexpected gifts for which we didn't ask. It is then up to us how we deal with them. May is suitable for travelling and various changes. However, in May we are often busy. In May, many things occur and will occur, it is a difficult month for our psyche. It will take until May 25. May is the month when it is good to address various challenges and engage in the things we fear the most. It is an opportunity to move things and issues. There is a chance that there will be changes for the better for all concerned people. A known rule is applied - before new things can be born the old must perish. Change what you have been worried about for many years so it finally gets resolved. Thanks to your efforts new relationships can be created that support mutual respect, love, understanding and communication. It's time to say goodbye to the old and dysfunctional systems of power.

We must, however, respect others and keep our promises. If we do not, we create negative karma, which is then reflected elsewhere, such as in illness and financial harm. If we are unable to deliver on our promises we must ensure that people to whom we gave the promises don't get harmed. If there is no other way, apologise. There is a rule - if you promise something, deliver on your promises, you will live better. If you have doubts about something, you should not promise it.

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