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Media wrote about us

Online dating agencies: End of taboo, we all do it!


 Author: Petra Lecnarová

Whoever met their partner through an ad concealed it from society because they were considered a wreck that nobody wants and they were trying to avoid the stigma. The most popular way to get acquainted in the nineties was an ad in the newspaper personals section dedicated to it. People could pick up responses to any advertisement in person or personals editors sent them by post. Now we have the opportunity to meet somebody conveniently from the comfort of our home via the internet, on the computer screen we can also see photos. Noone is ashamed anymore for getting to know someone in such a way. Internet dating agencies are breaking records in numbers of applicants. People of different ages, different religions, non-believers and believers, and handicapped people meet others through various dating agencies based on their lifestyles and philosophies.

 “Although we are a relatively young dating agency, we have already had over 12,000 users and the number of new users increases every day. To familiarise people with each other we use a unique numerological analysis, which we have created and tested for 10 years. According to this unique analysis we search partners that are the best match for each other. We consider pair matches not only using Western horoscopes, but also Eastern signs. The result is a thorough characterisation of pairs and a thorough assessment of their chances of having a long-term relationship. Thanks to a personal analysis, our users have the opportunity to continue to work on themselves, which is another prerequisite for a successful relationship. Our dating agency is not a blank shot,” the owner of numerological dating agency Ing. Tea Heřmánková says.

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