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Media wrote about us

Experts can help with the selection of a partner


“Any other dating agency is a blank shot,” Tea Heřmánková says, who has created a unique computer system. “When we are young, we live a rich social life and have common sense and good intuition, we don’t need astrological help because we choose a partner by ourselves, but if we are older and have fewer options for meeting someone, a numerological-astrological dating agency saves us a lot of time,” she says.

Tea Heřmánková, who founded the astrological-numerological dating agency, is convinced that everybody must work hard to have a happy relationship. 
PHOTO: Natálie Keilová

As a university-educated economist she always liked dealing with calculations and numbers, she educated herself a lot in astrology and numerology during her stay in the USA, where she worked at the stock exchange. After returning, she decided to put together a unique program that evaluates the consistency of a partnership based on Western and Eastern astrology, numerology, tarot gates, etc. Everybody can sign up for the system on, the registration fee is 600 CZK at the moment.

“There really are no coincidences and everybody can make sure of that. We already have many pairs that have proved this method really works. The proof is also in my own experience and knowledge of my friends. Not only partner relationships, but also work, family, friends, etc. can undergo this analysis.”

Tea Heřmánková proceeded very carefully in dating her current partner. She calculated in advance data delivering the highest requirements for mutual understanding and she met only with the men who were the best match for her according to this method.

However, can we guarantee that a partner designated by the computer program will even be physically attractive to us? “Sexual chemistry is the same in 90% of cases. But there is one important thing: whoever wants to have a good relationship should also work on themselves."

There are many methods today. “Tea Heřmánková especially recommends practising Ayurvedic techniques for managing the stress that causes changes in our energy, and so suitable partners come up at the right moment.” Whoever wants to have a good relationship must do something to achieve it. Putting blame on others that it doesn’t work is a sign of immaturity. Life is about constant growth, and people who don't rise fall.”

The findings from astrology and numerology are combined together by a new type of numerological-astrological dating agency,, which enables people to find the right partners with the assumption of a mutual understanding on the first date.

Monday, October 15, 2012, Věra Keilová, Právo

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